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SkyscendPay automates your resource-intensive invoicing process by streamlining the capturing, processing, matching, and approving of invoices by fully integrating with your existing procurement or ERP system.

How it Works?

SkyscendPay’s Invoice Management Platform drives collaboration with suppliers to automate the manual invoicing process which is time consuming and error prone.

  • e-Invoicing: SkyscendPay facilitates GSTIN filing and returning of your invoices through e-Invoicing feature.
  • Purchase Order Management: The self-service portal allows supplier to look at the Purchase Orders in one place cut by different buyer organizations (customers) in real-time basis.  The supplier has options to create Order Confirmation, Advance Ship Notice, and look at the Receipts and Payments created by the buyer’s Accounts Payable dept.
  • Invoice Management: Supplier can upload an invoice in various formats such as image, pdf or scanned document using mobile/ web application or simply by emailing to a pre-configured email alias. The platform uses AI infused OCR to automatically extract key data elements from the invoices. Built-in Invoice validation process ensures the accuracy of an invoice before it gets posted to ERP system. Both PO based and non-PO based invoices are supported in SkyscendPay.
  • Dashboard: Supplier can view information like purchase orders pending to be invoiced, pending payment etc. in one dashboard which is configurable based on the customer needs.
  • Supplier Financing: A supplier has an option to tag an invoice for early payment from previously onboarded Financial Institution on SkyscendPay platform.
  • Invoice Validation: The platform validates invoices according to the buyer-configured rules and displays onscreen messages for any errors that must be corrected. Thus, the system enforces invoice validation, and rejects the invoices that do not pass.
  • Invoice Approval: The invoice approval process begins once the Accounts Payable dept. of buyer organization receives an invoice. Approved invoices are then created in ERP and processed for payment.
  • Notification Management: SkyscendPay provides a wide range of notifications to suppliers in various formats such as in-app notifications, text-based notifications etc. be it when a new PO is cut or when an invoice is paid.


  • Quick and easy way to upload invoices in various formats like image, pdf and scanned pdfs
  • Straight through invoice processing by eliminating manual effort
  • Reconciliation on the supplier-side
  • Reduces AP costs & saves time with automation
  • Fully integrated with popular ERPs and accounts payable workflows, and requires minimal to no training
  • Early payment through supply-chain financing to fuel supplier’s growth
  • Customizable to address unique requirements
  • Central portal with comprehensive access to features, analytics, and data

Revolutionize your accounting process with SkyscendPay’s invoice management AI capabilites.

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