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Give Relief—Get Relief

Give Relief—Get Relief

As the pandemic stays its destructive course—seemingly with no end in sight—many of us are looking for relief. At nearly 8 months in, precious few of us haven’t been impacted in some way. It’s in times like these, however, that the best of humanity shines through. Since the pandemic, we’ve all done our best to help our fellow man, despite the difficulties. We’ve maintained social distancing, crafted and adopted new processes to maintain safety in the workplace, and have answered the calls for new products and services adapted to our current climate.

What if, in this time of solidarity, there were also a way to help out your trusted business partners—while simultaneously helping out your own business?

This is an opportunity SkyscendPay is now proud to offer with Dynamic Discounts. Dynamic Discounts allows vendors to offer discounts on orders, provided the buyer makes the payment within an accelerated timeframe. This helps suppliers get the capital they need quickly, while providing much appreciated savings to buyers. While the specific terms are fully user configurable, Dynamic Discounts could be utilized to apply 1% discounts for a Net 45 pay term, 2% for Net 30, or 3% for immediate payment.

Another way SkyscendPay is working to make payments as fast as possible during the pandemic is with automatic supplier side alerts. Suppliers can now choose to be alerted to submit their invoice as soon as Ariba B&I indicates the buyer has received their order. And when a supplier uploads their invoice SkyscendPay automatically validates it and produces clear corrections for any errors, all before finalizing the upload to the Ariba network.

Dynamic validation produces helpful corrections. During the pandemic, we’ve found that even a little help can go a long way. Dynamic discounts, instant alerts, and dynamic validation are a few of the ways SkyscendPay is working to alleviate some of the stress in these difficult times.


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