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Fast e Invoicing is Good. Smart e Invoicing is Better.

Fast e Invoicing is Good. Smart e Invoicing is Better.

Fast or smart? Well, you need to be both smart and fast in an era where businesses are constructed and deconstructed in a spur of a moment. The business world is far too aggressive when it comes to competition. If anything, it has to be today; it is being upgraded with the latest technologies and intelligent enough to accept the changes before the fallback! I this blog, we talk about particularly one smart technology which has been taking over recently – e invoicing solution.

Invoice automation has become an urgency now because the world is becoming technologically advanced, and so is the business proceedings. But it is not just about passing the archaic invoicing solutions to the modern machine-fed system. It is about choosing what outsmarts amongst the plethora of options available and offers you and your business the best results.

We bet you have already been pondering upon which software is best for invoicing? What are the advantages of e-invoicing and a lot more? Indeed, as the need for the e invoicing has appeared, so have the number of e invoicing solutions.

So, what can be called for an intelligent and intelligent e invoicing solution?

  • Eliminate the maximum number of errors from the source to results.
  • Allow suppliers of all sizes to connect and deal with your business quickly and inexpensively.
  • Improve your supplier management system, consequently improve supplier collaboration.
  • Needless to say, reduce the quantity of paperwork and snail mail chain of sending and approving invoices.
  • Smart e invoicing solution helps accurately match orders with their details and store them securely in a centralized system for future references.
  • The smart e invoice generation process is also capable of 100% capture of invoice capture and automation.
  • It offers multi-currency capabilities and provides global as well as localized support for your company and suppliers.
  • Drastically cuts down the volume of supplier inquiries and removes the delay in invoice processing and payments.

Businesses in the recent times have dedicated a crucial amount of time, resources, and research to boost the efficiency of their account payable organization, and we bet you have been looking out the same for your company’s benefits too.

So, what are you waiting for? Skyscend brings you the answer to what can be your smart e invoice generation process and lead you to an effective way of dealing with your AP automation, backed by intelligent technologies.

The smart solutions offered by Skycend allow the e-invoices to undergo an automated validation process, improving the accuracy of the invoices and eliminating the potential reworks and errors. How can we say that the solutions are smart- the companies are achieving about 98% of the touch-less e invoice generation process.

Now you might think, how does that become smart? e invoicing solution can be categorized based on the technologies, as advanced is the technology the smartness quotient of these solution goes high.

How do you benefit from this smartness?

Just have a visualization of your AP team, stuck with the inordinate amount of time as they process the multiple invoices either manually or any of the average solutions available for the same. So, do you see discrepancies and ineffective methods because most companies are trying to tackle the problem with scanning and digitalization, which might not be adequate in the business generation of cloud, block-chain, and AI?

As such smart e invoice generation process can make a remarkable difference. If we look at the available statistics, even organizations with 10 or more full-time employees dedicated to invoice processing have reported up to 70% cost take out.

Not just that, if you are choosing smart e invoicing solutions, you can also impact your working capital and improve the visibility and control. You can use your growing cash flow and use the cash reserve to drive improvements in the operational sector and help provide liquidity to supply chains and a lot more.

Yes, we know all of these are easier said than done, and as such, we offer a peek into the solution that Skyscend has to offer to its users to upgrade their e invoice generation process. We are flexible to your company’s requirements, and you can get in touch with us from any industry or with any business size. Our solutions are directed to make your work easier and efficient.

If you find yourself confused about making your company smart with our e invoicing solution, you can book a demo. The demo will help you understand the functioning of our invoicing software and how we delve into complete automation to deliver you full results with accuracy and efficiency.

The world is getting smarter and sustaining your business while moving towards growth, and your moves have to be smart too. Choose the smart solutions for your company’s growth!


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